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Ontario couple spread love of gardening online

August 16, 2019

ONTARIO – Laura LeBoutillier and her husband Aaron are your neighbors in Malheur County. Maybe you’ve never heard of them, but about half a million people from all across the country follow them online. The LeBoutilliers run Garden Answer, a gardening video blog on YouTube. With Laura in front of the camera and Aaron behind it, they […]

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The death of Cardinal Newman – archive, 1890

August 14, 2019

Portrait of John Henry Newman by Emmeline Deane (1858-1944). Photograph: De Agostini via Getty Images The venerable Cardinal Newman expired at the Oratory, Birmingham, last night, after a brief illness. He was in his ninetieth year, and the immediate cause of his death was an attack of pneumonia. His death has created a profound and […]

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The Kitchen Is an Amoral, Atonal Mess of a Movie

August 10, 2019

The glamor of the gangster film is as old as Hollywood itself. There’s transgressive appeal to a mob boss rising to power and keeping it, through whatever murder and graft is necessary. Andrea Berloff’s directorial debut, The Kitchen, is steeped in the iconography of 1970s crime classics such as The Godfather and Mean Streets, aiming to invoke a seedier […]

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News and events from the world of gardening

August 9, 2019

Tree Talk Planting and managing urban trees will be discussed in a lecture by Dr Susan Murphy at Burnley next week. Murphy, an academic-turned-municipal-urban-tree-planner, will outline some of the different trees being planted in Melbourne and the benefits they provide, including creating shade, mitigating urban heat island effects and improving air quality. She speaks at […]

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ActiveScale And Active Archive Survey

August 6, 2019

Let’s take a look at object storage and cloud management solutions from Western Digital and a recent report and survey from the Active Archive Alliance about the value and methods for storing infrequently accessed data. Western Digital expanded its ActiveScale storage system. The company is pushing its hardware and software to support hybrid cloud applications, […]

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Order in: The C to K of Cloud Kitchen

August 5, 2019

Can there be a restaurant with no storefront, no tables and chairs, and no diners either? Apparently, yes. Call it ghost kitchen, virtual kitchen, dark kitchen or by the more popular term — cloud kitchen — it’s the phenomenon that has caught the attention of the food industry and changed its dynamics. The format relies […]

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