How to Spend a Long, Active Weekend on Grand Cayman Island

Kittiwake wreck in Grand

If you’re looking for a slew of adventure activities in the Caribbean, a good bet would be a visit to Grand Cayman Island. Only a 3 hour direct flight from New York, Grand Cayman is replete with marine and land-based adventure. For example, you can dive or snorkel the former submarine rescue ship, the Kittiwake-sunk in its final resting place off Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. You can also snorkel with stingrays in Stingray City, or choose to take a walk through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. Also, indulge in some healthy eats at places like Coccoloba and Lobster Pot to round out your long weekend visit.

A Shore dive with Sunset DiversAdrienne Jordan

Take a Dive

In the Georgetown area of Grand Cayman, you can take a morning dive with Sunset Divers. You might agree with your instructor to try out a shore dive, which involves taking a giant stride into the ocean and 10 feet very deep of sand and hard pan (solid ground). Start off the reef at 20 feet, and then gradually descend into healthy coral with beautiful topography like sponges, sea fans, and gargonia.

The mini wall slopes down to 35 feet, and you will see a 50-foot-tall bronze mermaid with a placard commemorating scuba diver’s service during wartime. Some of the marine life spotted during the shore dive could be garden rays, Queen angelfish, Peterson shrimp, and the rare pipehorse.