Koda tiny house sheds some weight and floats on water

The Koda Light Float is installed on a pontoon base made by Top Marine

Regular readers may remember the Koda, an attractive concrete tiny house that hit the market in 2017. Designer Kodasema recently followed it up with the Koda Light Float, a model with similar styling that’s made from timber instead of concrete, and is installed on a pontoon.

The Koda Light Float weighs around 10 tons (8.9 tonnes), compared to the original Koda’s 29.8 tons (26.6 tonnes) and is envisioned as a waterfront cafe, artist’s studio, or vacation home. It can be clad in multiple finishes, including wood and zinc. A ladder affixed to the exterior provides access to the roof.

The Koda Light Float is envisioned as harbor café, artist studio, or a vacation home

Its interior measures 25.8 sq m (277 sq ft) and looks relatively spacious and light-filled, thanks to the generous glazing that fronts the home and its 10.9 ft (3.3 m)-high ceiling.

Visitors enter into an open plan ground floor that contains a living room area and a kitchen with breakfast bar and storage space. To the left of the kitchen lies a bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink. Back in the main living area, stairs lead up to the bedroom, which has enough space for a double bed.

The interior pictured is of the Koda Light but designer Kodasema assures us it is identical...

The Koda Light Float gets power and water from standard hookups, though Kodasema will wire it up ready for solar power to be added by a local firm. Interestingly, if circumstances change for some reason, the tiny house can be separated from the pontoon and installed on land.

Kodasema also offers two other very similar models. The Koda Light, which is identical to the Light Float but without the pontoon base (indeed, the interior photo above is actually of a Koda Light), plus the Koda Light Extended, which increases the floorspace.

We’ve no word on the pricing and availability is limited to Europe for now, though Kodasema aims to offer the Koda range in the US too.